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Time’s a clear and flowing stream, We see ourselves therein, Our every action trails a wake, That laps the distant shore, That laps and laps the distant shore. That ever laps the shore.

A Sense of Time

Artists and writers stretch time – recreating, dramatizing, highlighting, interpreting, imagining, enhancing, and even prophesying. They play with their ideas as a girl with her dolls, until they come to life and dance on their own. Readers and viewers suspend disbelief.

The visual has one great advantage over the literary – its immediacy. Newborns trust their vision long before they learn to read or to understand language. As adults, light and color are the daily pleasures our eyes feed upon. These shining messages need no interpreter – they go straight to our souls.

The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent. — Albert Einstein


Bill Puryear's paintings shown in the gallery above are available for purchase online. All works come framed. Shipping is free. Use the links below to order.

Bledsoe Fort
Original:  Oil, 18×36, Price $3,800 – BUY DIRECT
Giclee:  Oil, 18×36, Price $1,900 – BUY DIRECT

Stallion Barns
Giclee:  Oil, 24×36, Price $1,900 – BUY DIRECT

Original:  Watercolor, 11×14 matted as 16×20, Price $1,500 – BUY DIRECT
Giclee:  Watercolor, 11×14 matted as 16×20, Price $600 – BUY DIRECT

Tom Spencer at Bledsoe’s Lick
Giclee:  Oil, 11×14, Price $450 – BUY DIRECT

Cairo Landing
Giclee:  Oil, 16×20, Price $960 – BUY DIRECT