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There are certain places, like certain people, we know that we have known always; Even at our very first encounter, we speak as familiar friends.

A Sense of Place

All great art is praise. — John Ruskin

Plato believed that as humans we lived as in a dark cave, facing the back wall, onto which flickering shadows were cast by the bright light outside. These were but faint inklings of the true reality that lives outside the cave; we debate endlessly their meanings. What we call a tree is but an imperfect and corrupted image of Tree.

The artist, open to the sense of place, attempts to capture its true reality. This has been sometime known as The Spirit of the Place or the Genius Loci. Earlier cultures knew it but modern man has largely discarded it in favor of utility. The insatiable hunger of the bulldozer grinds down the spirit of place, and we await the next shopping mall to fill our time.

The artist has not a moment to waste.

The rhetorician would deceive his neighbors, The sentimentalist himself; While art is but a vision of reality. — W.B. Yeats

Every country where the sun shines and every district in it, has a theme of its own.
The lights, the atmosphere, the aspect, the spirit, are all different; But each has its native charm. 
— Winston Churchill, Painting As A Pastime


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Old Shiloh
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Giclee:  Watercolor, 8×10 matted as 11×14, Price $450 – BUY DIRECT

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St. Blaise Lane
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Spring Plowing
Giclee:  Oil, 11×14, Price $450 – BUY DIRECT

Haying on Dry Fork
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Bledsoe Autumnal
Giclee:  Oil, 18×24, Price $1,100 – BUY DIRECT