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The spirit is the true self. — Cicero

A Sense of People

Capturing the spirit of a fellow human being is the most daunting challenge an artist faces. Landscapes are tough enough, but trees don’t complain if their dress is not just the right shade or their limbs don’t match. Generally landscape painters do not make the best portraitists. Nor do studio painters like to brave the weathers to limn the countryside, although Gainesboro often escaped the studio to paint beautiful pastorals.

People are often most themselves when least conscious of themselves and concentrating on what they love to do and do best. Musicians and dancers are best shown in the passion of their performance, as are children in their play. The world is, as Shakespeare said, their stage.

Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend. — John Singer Sargent


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Cumberland Gap
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Morning Call
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Rites of Passage
Original: Oil, 24×36, Price $5,000 – BUY DIRECT
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Morning Breeze
Giclee: Oil, 11×14, Price $400 – BUY DIRECT

Spills at the Millpond
Original: Oil, 30×40, Price $3,000 – BUY DIRECT
Giclee: Oil, 30×40, Price $1,800 – BUY DIRECT