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Letters to Claudia by William "Bill" Puryear

"Letters to Claudia" by William Puryear

The first thing you noticed about her was her smile. It filled the room and made those who met her feel better about themselves. Her natural beauty and warm personality made her immediately popular in high school, where she was elected senior class president, Friendliest, and was a candidate for Secretary of the State Beta Club. At a dance at its State Convention, she met a boy to whom she felt singularly attracted, as though each had always known or been searching for the other.

Colleges in distant cities separated them for five years, as she blossomed into a celebrity, elected by her fellow students as Homecoming Queen, Most Attractive Coed, Friendliest, and an officer of every campus group she joined. Her fame spread beyond the campus, as she was chosen a member of Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.

  A fellow solider and Bill in a foxhole
A fellow soldier and Bill in a foxhole

Yet through it all, she remained true to her first love, who traveled to the far side of the world to learn by hard experience who he was. During that time apart, the only representatives of his love for her were the almost daily letters he wrote from the front line in Korea, Japan, and various hard training camps. These are those letters.


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