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Artist-Author Bill Puryear Brings You a New Book:
An Artist’s Almanac

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In his newest offering, author, and historian Bill Puryear turns from the past to the present, with a selection of more than one hundred of his essays from our own twenty-first century.

The essay is an intimate form of writing, based on the author’s personal experiences and epiphanies. In essays the author risks all: they being personal and real tell much about many diverse subjects, including the author. Easy to read in short bursts, extensively used by early writers, such as Montaigne, Samuel Johnson, Francis Bacon, Jonathan Swift, and Joseph Addison, essays have always enjoyed a wide appeal. Modern essayists include Joyce Carol Oates, Walker Percy, Flannery O’Connor and Wendell Berry.

Essays have always enjoyed a wide appeal. The question now, in the age of television and the internet, is do they have a future? This popular collection proves that they are alive and well. Here are more than a hundred, the best culled from nine years of writing. Plus, this gorgeous book is lavishly illustrated with 300 full color photographs and paintings, both Bill’s and those of other artists and photographers, including Monet, Renoir, Delacroix, Goya, Raphael, Botticelli, David Wright, Allen Haynes, and Rick Murray.

They cover subjects as varied as:

  • art, why it matters / how it is made;
  • seasonal reflections / holiday celebrations;
  • music as metaphor /poetry and doggerel;
  • tornadoes and floods we have experienced / the rich culture of our area;
  • finding and recognizing old pioneer structures, roads, and traces in your area;
  • Middle Tennessee/The American west with the old Spanish mission churches;
  • gardening, favorite flowers, and trees / our rapidly changing way of life;
  • the cause of the 2008 market bust / sleep and dreams;
  • fish and wildlife / the beauty and moods of nature that surround us here;
  • Literature / love;
  • Faith / time;

In all of these he is seeking beauty and meaning.

If you know Bill’s art and writing, you will want this sumptuous full color, 8 X 11, 284 page hardcover book for your library, coffee table, or for gifts to your friends or family.


An Artist’s Almanac is $39.95 + $4.50 Shipping. Tennessee residents please add 9.25% Sales Tax.

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